I like to write a little,but i realy not real good at it how i think i’m,so i’ill try to post good texts(obviously in the beginning this will suks) but I don’t care if you will like or not I’ill try to write somethink interesting here for the 4 people who see this blog.

First of all i’ill write more in mydrunkenlife than in joinhempside because hempside in more spontaneous and momentary think i see and enjoy, well i’ill start it

For the very begining I decided to do a second blog called mydrunkenlife because in this blog, like a said before, I will write more like a journal,well I went to a funeral of my dad’s aunt it was realy not a very nice think to do Sunday when you go to a party saturday night. I can’t face death easily so isn’t realy nice to see a dead body in a coffin of someone people around you care, I realy don’t know what to do or what say when I face people crying for the death of a relative so i realy don’t say nothing just look at the ground.

Well I don’t have nothink to say at the moment just reflecting about death a little and if you are reading this and say: man I realy don’t care about it, i just ask you to reflect about the death and think about thinks you care and you don’t want to lose or you don’t know what to do if you lost it.

thanks for reading if you read it and bye


i’ve been thinking about create a new blog for a while but when i realy did it i take like 30 fucking minutes to take a good name(well i don’t get it) so i take that name my drunken life, this is the answer  for why ht e blog’s name: well i’m not realy drunk the most part of my life, but i remember(?) realy good moments of my drunken life and my memories are incredibly good whit my friends and rarely whit some girls… here I’ill post some of my “adventures” if i can call adventures so it is for the first post wait for more mates